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Serpentine Apotheosis 2012

The creation of Serpentine Apotheosis marks a turning point in my life as an artist. It was the definitive final stroke which pulled me out of traditional media and pulled me into the digital domain. It is an image close to my heart and soul and also a catalyst which eventually allowed for me to become a full time artist.

The scene is a amalgam of many visions that I had been experiencing for several years within the tryptamine trance state. A divine feminine presence, wise, sexy and frightening at the same time. This cosmic lady, was somehow Mother Aya, Shiva’s Shakti, and the Medusa all contained in one singular form. I watched bedazzled as she created and destroyed galaxies and nebula’s as she danced the cosmic spiral of infinity.

At the time I was working on this I was also reading a book by Jeremy Narby: The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. The book is a journey revealing the cosmic serpent throughout the cultures of the world and its connection to the DNA helix. My encounters with Mother Aya always were accompanied by the cosmic serpent weaving in and out, sharing the knowledge and leading the way. The timing was perfect and subconsciously I began to work the theme of the Cosmic Serpent into this visual narrative.

The image took me several weeks to complete and as usual most of that time consisted of fine-tuning the final image.

When I had completed the image I felt I needed to share it, and created a Facebook account in order to do so. At the time I was unknown as an artist with a tiny audience to share the image with. I also applied to a competition to be published in the visionary art book: Alchemistas – Beyond the Veil which resulted in a lot of exposure, the image went viral and was shared and posted beyond any of my expectations, and was in turn published in the book.

I created the image with Photoshop, Painter, Zbrush, Cinema 4D and Ultra Fractal

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