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Free Birth

The Magnificent free birth of Deniz Hısım

Saturday night, on the 2nd of March our second son came into this realm, healthy and full of vibrant energy. The entire experience was beyond anything I had experienced in my 40 years here, it was incredibly sacred and undeniably empowering.

We chose to do a lotus natural unassisted home birth. We did not want any doctors, midwives or institutions to intervene in this most sacred of sacred experiences. We willingly accepted the honor and the responsibility of what this truly meant. We placed our trust into the age old natural birthing process along with the legendary intuition of the sacred feminine, the nurturing mother goddess archetype throughout pregnancy that peaks during a natural birth. This process taught us what it meant to take full responsibility for our actions.

The birth process went on for a bit over 4 hours, My lady was the goddess incarnate during the entire time, the air all around was literally crackling and electrified, the energy was powerfully intense. Deep rhythmic breathing and Kundalini yoga type spiraling motions, she did not even scream, yell or push forcefully even once, just deep moans that carried powerful primal energy.

I kept massaging her the entire time, our precious son Ateş, which is now over 3 years old, also helped out and massaged his mother, this was sacred communion in the truest sense!

Ateş fell asleep, as not long after that our second son, Deniz fell into my arms, in our home illuminated with soft natural lighting (no artifical blue light, no wifi, or other EMFs) Candles, incense and diffused lavender oil)

I handed him to his mother as we cried from pure joy.

I also had a profoundly deep and life altering, shamanic experience linked directly to the birth, which for personal reasons I chose to omit from this story, if you seriously do want the account, feel free to PM me and we can chat ::)

I wanted to share this story with the world, to show that this is still possible, in a world where fear, doubt and uncertainty reigns unchecked. This was utterly sacred, transcendent and empowering. It was a very bold and powerful step towards reclaiming our sovereignty. 




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