Retreiving Hyperspatial Data...

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VJ Loops

These are VJ loops that have been created by Hakan Hisim since 2013

As Within, So Without

As Within, So Without is a collaboration with the magnificent visionary and psychedelic artist, Salvia Droid....


Conception was inspired and then merged with the logarithmic visualization of the observable universe created by...

Hypnotic Habitat

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Jewel Blossom

Jewel Blossom is Intrinsically connected to Axis Mundi Back to Tryptamine Realms

Jungle Spice

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Lux Natura

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Garden of Delights

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The Divine Moment

Back to Tryptamine Realms The Divine Moment is Intrinsically connected to Serpentine Singularity

Divine Moment of Truth

Watch the creation process here Divine Moment of Truth is Intrinsically connected to Internal Awareness and Trance Nectar...

Fullmoon Hypnotica

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Feeling Very Weird

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Noetic Vortex

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Out of the Woodwork

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Serpentine Singularity

Serpentine Singularity is Intrinsically connected to “The Divine Moment” Back to Entity Contact  

Subatomic Neuronaut

Back to Entity Contact Back to Tryptamine Realms Subatomic Neuronaut  is Intrinsically connected to Rubix Harlequin

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