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VJ Loops

These are VJ loops that have been created by Hakan Hisim since 2013
[yotuwp type="videos" id="bba_q9QmjvY,0_sMHLRAemY,gYhaq6MKGXo,vLzTj9sCZjU,e8YkDZsM7xs,3Lh_hghINH0,hfHFgPkQQa4" ]
[yotuwp type="videos" id="X47n4RxNJA4,t-8SVlGw9ik,0vV_E4waBZ8,hUkEtIVwSjo,3XUQT2oMqWs,AkWzbMjMhvk,eXABfaGpn48,CFdSwuADbw0,qOhzgbh0ZTU" ]

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