Retreiving Hyperspatial Data...

Carl Zeiss professional photographer

I am a professional photographer from New York. I love to travel around the globe and take beautiful photos of great people.

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On amplifying the higher cortical experience by translinguistically encoding DNA electron spin resonance into monoamine inhibited...
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Inspired by the age old Strophariad Mystic mentors of Translinguistic syntax, that launched legendary ludicrous lexicons...
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Universal Transmissions – Bio-Energetic Vortexes – Vortex No: 6 – See My first artwork completed in...
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This is the tenth installment of the Universal Transmissions series and is inspired by Spiral Charge...
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“Close your eyes and let the mind expand. Let no fear of death or darkness arrest...
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The spice extends life. The spice expands consciousness. … The spice is vital to space travel.–...
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Album Cover art for the transcendant new Entheogenic album – Hypatia. I highly recommend obtaining this...
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